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OAERS Secures Data Analysis Internship with Chatham County Schools

ERM’s Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Services (OAERS) not only secures data analytic and evaluation contracts on which ERM students gain valuable experience, it also facilitates internship and applied field experience opportunities for ERM students. A prime example of this is the recent placement of ERM student Josh MacInnes in a semester-long internship with Chatham County Schools this spring. In this role, Josh will work closely with principals and district personnel to analyze school level and student level data for eight public schools within the county. The internship will focus on school growth, student subgroup performance, and the accuracy of formative assessments in predicting student success on summative assessments.

Josh is a first year M.S. student who came to ERM from Jacksonville, Florida, to take advantage of ERM’s comprehensive training in assessment, measurement, statistical modeling, and research methodology. Being placed in this type of an internship in his first year with ERM allows Josh to immediately apply skills learned in the classroom to real-world situations. This form of experience is precisely the type of opportunity OAERS strives to provide students of ERM. Through cultivating on-going relationships with a variety of organizations, OAERS provides an array of applied learning experiences that can benefit all ERM students. More information about OAERS can be obtained from its website at


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