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ERM Students and Faculty Shine at 2014 NCARE Conference

With the 2014 annual meeting of the North Carolina Association for Research in Education (NCARE) being held in Greensboro this past February, it was the ideal time for ERM to have its greatest showing ever at this event. A total of 15 ERM faculty, students, and alumni authored research and training sessions presented at the conference. ERM’s contributions to the conference began by ERM Assistant Professor Dr. Holly Downs and ERM students Jonathan Rollins, Emma Sunnassee, and Lindsey Varner presenting the Preconference Training Session “Introducing Powerful Tools for Qualitative Research”. A copy of the slides used for this presentation is located on the OAERS website under Workshops & Trainings.

In addition to the Preconference Training Session, ERM students and alumni presented the following research presentations and posters:

Ames, A. J., & Samonte, K. M. (February, 2014). Using SAS PROC MCMC for Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods: Application to item response theory models.

Askew, K, & Hargrove, S. (February, 2014). Application of assessment engineering (AE) to the common core state standards for 2nd grade reading.

Bukhari, N., & Ames, A. (February, 2014). Bias correction of the weighted maximum likelihood trait estimator for the Rasch model.

Ciccarelli, K., Griswold, K., Gomez, M., & Thomas, C. (February, 2014). Early indications of the impact of NC Senate Bill 402 on preservice teachers’ intentions: A mixed methods study.

McCoy, T., Chalhoub-Deville, M., & Willse, J. T. (February, 2014). How can diagnostic measurement provide valid classroom formative assessment for achieving college and career readiness? A validity inquiry.

Meyer, C. (February, 2014). Graphical information systems in educational evaluation and research.

Congratulations to all of the participating ERM students, faculty, and alumni on having such a fantastic showing at NCARE!


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