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ERM Students and Faculty Present Research at NCME & AERA

ERM students and faculty had another highly successful showing at this year’s annual conferences of the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA) being held in Philadelphia this past week. In total, ERM students and faculty were involved in the 12 papers and posters delivered with numerous collaborators, which reflects the high quality research being conducted by ERM in the areas of measurement and research methodology. The research delivered by ERM students and faculty include:

Allison Ames: Posterior predictive checks and discrepancy measures for polytomous item response theory models.

Bob Henson: Psychometric model for diagnostic classification for multiple-choice option-based scoring: Application to a diagnostic classroom assessment instrument (with Louis DiBello, William Stout, and Louis Roussos).

Bob Henson: Dimensionality for diagnostic classification models: Computing a “Scree Plot”.

Bob Henson & Fu Liu: A generalized nonparametric approach to diagnostic classification for polytomous attributes (with Shawn Stevens).

Fu Liu: Subscoring by sequencing an adaptive testing battery (with Jie Li and Seung Choi).

Fu Liu: Are the score gains suspicious? A Bayesian growth analysis approach (with Xin Lucy Liu, Mayuko Simon, and Zhiyong Zhang).

Keshia Martin: Using critical community engagement in graduate education to prepare future health care professionals.

Thomas McCoy & John Willse: Accuracy of neural network versus nonparametric approaches in diagnostic classification.

Randy Penfield: The relationship between DIF Location and Conditional Equating Dependence Issues (with Corinne Huggins).

Jonathan Rollins: School climate and student achievement: An exploratory study (with Judy Penny and Marty Ward).

Kelli Samonte, John Willse, & Randy Penfield: Examining the accuracy of confirmatory mixture models in DIF detection.

Shuying Sha & Thomas McCoy: A comparison of two augmented score methods.

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