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ERM Students and Faculty Participate in National Conference on Program Evaluation

ERM faculty and students recently participated in the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association (AEA), held in Washington D.C. ERM participants included ERM faculty member Holly Downs and ERM students Katherine Ciccarelli, Christine Meyer, Keshia Martin, Emma Sunnassee, Jonathan Rollins, Kshawna Askew, and Shureka Hargrove. Participation in AEA included delivering research presentations, posters, and roundtables pertaining to culturally responsive techniques in program evaluation, the processes of STEM pilot programs, the contextual frameworks for planning multi-site project, and the use of R (Comprehensive R Archive Network) for data management, data analysis, and data graphing needs in conducting program evaluations. This involvement in AEA provides ERM students with important experiences and connections that complement the training provided by the ERM Academic Programs.

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