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ERM Students Awarded Internships with Physicians for Peace

Aundrea Carter (ERM Ph.D. student), Shuying Sha (ERM M.S. student), and Lindsey D. Varner (ERM M.S./Ph.D. student) have been selected to participate in an internship program with Physicians for Peace, an organization aimed at delivering healthcare education and support in underserved countries around the world. In this role, Carter, Sha, and Varner will be directly involved in the design and implementation of an evaluation of an educational program for prosthetic and orthotic technicians based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Through this internship, they will have the opportunity to apply many of the skills learned during their graduate training in ERM, including program evaluation, survey design, quantitative and qualitative analysis, data presentation and reporting, and data management.

This internship opportunity was facilitated by ERM’s Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Services (OAERS), which aims to provide ERM students with applied hands-on experiences throughout their graduate training. One way that OAERS supports these applied experiences is through cultivating partnerships with professional organizations that have internship opportunities aligning with the training of ERM students. Through the work of Dr. Holly Downs, Associate Director of OAERS and Assistant Professor in ERM, OAERS was able to develop a relationship with the program evaluation team of Physicians for Peace, and it was through this relationship that Physicians for Peace was able to identify ERM students as being strong candidates for the internship opportunities awarded to Carter, Sha, and Varner.  

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