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ERM Students and Faculty Present Research at NCME and AERA

Students and faculty and of ERM had a highly successful showing at the recent annual meetings of the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) and the American Educational Research Methodology (AERA), held concurrently in San Francisco from April 26 to May 2. Nearly 20 faculty and students of ERM were involved in presented research that focused on a range of topics spanning equating, multidimensional item response theory, multivariate methodology, diagnostic modeling, computerized testing, program evaluation, factors related to academic success, faculty learning communities, differential item functioning, and cluster randomized control trials. This high level of representation at AERA and NCME demonstrates ERM’s influential role in advancing research and practice in the fields of measurement, program evaluation, and research methodology. Presentations made by ERM students and faculty include:

Aundrea Carter, Robert Furter,  Lauren Fluegge (Current Students)
An Early Warning System Created From Longitudinal Data for Students at Risk of Dropping Out

Robert Henson (Professor)
An Introduction to the Theory, Methods, and Applications of Diagnostic Measurement

David Scales (Current Student)
A Longitudinal Investigation of Teacher Education Programs Across the United States

Holly Downs (Professor)
The College STAR Faculty Learning Community: Promoting Learning for All Students Through Faculty Collaboration

Allison Ames (Current Student)
Accuracy and Precision of an Effect Size and Its Variance From a Multilevel Model for Cluster-Randomized Trials: A Simulation Study

Randall Penfield (Professor / Chair)
The Effects of Student Mobility to a Three-Year Intervention on Science Achievement: An Issue of Fidelity

Lindsey Varner, Aundrea Carter and Dr. Holly Downs (Current Students and Professor)
Investigating the Utility of Synchronous Focus Groups Held in the Virtual and Real Worlds

Ric Luecht (Professor)
Operational Design and Implementation Issues for Large-Scale Multistage Testing

Thomas McCoy and John Willse (Current Student and Professor)
Ridge or Re-estimate? Improper Solutions in Ordinal Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) of Polychoric Correlations: A Case Study

Fu Liu and Terry Ackerman (Current Student and Professor)
Skewed Logistic Noncompensatory Multidimensional Item Response Model

Devdass Sunnassee (Professor)
Conditions Affecting the Accuracy of Classical Equating Methods for Small Samples Under the NEAT Design: A Simulation Study

Thomas McCoy, Jia Ma and Aundrea Carter (Current Students)
A SAS® Macro for Standardized Augmented Subscores

Lucas Stern and Dr. Bob Henson (Current Student and Professor)
Detection of DIF Using a Principal Cluster Axis Analysis

Daniel Bowen (Current Student)
The Effects of Controlling for Distributional Differences on the Jodoin-Gierl Logistic Regression DIF Classification Method

Randall Penfield (Professor)
Determining the Source of Uneven Equating Invariance Across the Score Range of Assessments

Fu Liu (Current Student)
A Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Approach for Detecting Suspicious Schools in Data Forensics Studies

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