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ERM Student Has Manuscript Accepted for Publication in Prestigious Research Journal

Second year ERM Ph.D. student Allison Ames recently had her first solo-authored research article accepted for publication in the prestigious journal Multivariate Behavioral Research. This article, titled Accuracy and Precision of an Effect Size and its Variance from a Multilevel Model for Cluster Randomized Trials: A Simulation Study, presents and investigates a new tool for use in the analysis of cluster randomized trials. Such trials are often encountered in educational settings due to the natural clustering of educational observations, which can prevent traditional analytic tools from being used. The effect size proposed is the first of its kind for cluster randomized trials in that it uses model parameter estimates rather than summary statistics information. The variance of the effect size is also provided, allowing for combination of this new effect size with others in a meta-analytic framework. Applied researchers can use the effect size to gauge the effectiveness of a treatment program to intact educational units, such as classrooms and schools. Parameter estimates required for computation of the effect size are provided in multiple software packages, making computation both easy and accessible. This innovation will improve the evaluation of the effectiveness of programs and interventions implemented in schools and other social and health contexts.

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