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ERM Professor Ric Luecht to Give Keynote Address for the International Association for Educational Assessment

Dr. Ric Luecht, Professor in the Department of Educational Research Methodology, is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at the 39th Annual Conference of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA). The conference, held in Tel Aviv, Israel from October 20-25 focuses on cutting-edge issues in national and international testing programs. Such issues include the use of technology in assessment, innovative and complex item types, formative assessment, and the automation of test assembly and scoring. Dr. Luecht’s keynote address is entitled Evidence-Based Design and Assessment Engineering Principles: The Future of Educational Assessment. The address focuses on new evidence-based developments and assessment engineering design principles that are impacting how assessments are conceptualized, designed, and scored. Of particular relevance to the keynote address is Assessment Engineering, a novel framework for test development and implementation developed by Dr. Luecht that serves to improve assessment design and validity.

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