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ERM Doctoral Student Completes First Year as SAS Intern

ERM Ph.D. student Allison Ames has been a year-long intern with the statistical software corporation SAS, headquartered in Cary, NC. SAS is an industry leader in statistical software, and is used at more than 3,000 educational institutions worldwide. As an intern, Allison assisted several SAS divisions as a new product tester and data analyst. The internship contributed greatly to her skills as a programmer, which enables Allison to tackle challenging research questions in her ERM research. In addition to expanding her programming abilities, the internship provided her valuable opportunities to talk with SAS clients, learning to communicate about technical methods and software solutions with a diverse audience. She has published a technical report comparing SAS, R, and Mahout software and intends to submit a paper to SAS’ 2014 Global Forum to compete in the student paper division of the conference. Allison, who is entering his second year in the Ph.D. program in ERM, will continue to serve in this role on a part-time basis over the next year while continuing to complete her doctoral degree requirements.

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